Hertz ML 1600

  • Hertz ML 1600

  • 1. The pressed-pulp cone is enriched with cotton fibres combined with water-repellent impregnants. With the absence of the traditional dustcap, the exponential profile generates
  • an outstanding dispersion pattern.
  • 2. The central pole piece is covered with a pure copper sleeve. This combined with its 36 mm CCAW double layer voice coil wound on a Kapton® former provides a linear impedance.
  • 3. The motor assembly is centred upon a uniquely sized REN® Neodymium ring.
  • 4. Anti-resonant aluminium alloy basket; the unique low incidence spokes offer minimum resistance to rear wave emissions.
  • 5. Nomex® spider with integrated lead wires.
  • 6. The butyl rubber cover protects the magnet and contributes to the eduction of unwanted resonances and residual vibrations.



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