Hertz EBX F20

  • Hertz EBX F20

  • 1. ULTRA Flat profile, keeping size to a minimum for ease of placement and hidden cosmetic integration within the vehicle.
  • 2. Constructed from 15/18 mm MDF with internal bracing, minimizing enclosure losses.
  • 3. Slanted lower panel helps to reduce back wave reflections and eases installation.
  • 4. Low loss foam surround Passive Radiator, for powerful, undistorted output.
  • 5. Low profile-high excursion subwoofer unit provides bursting dynamics.
  • 6. Molded metal grille offers total speaker protection and great cosmetic appeal.
  • 7. Reversible Hertz Logo, configurable to the different installation positions.
  • 8. Proprietary connection terminals provides the utmost in functionality and safety.
  • 9. Easy-Remove metal mounting system, for a clean and reliable installation.

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