Hertz EBX 200

  • Hertz EBX 200

  • 1. 20 mm MDF employed to minimize enclosure losses.
  • 2. Slanted rear panel helps reduce back wave reflections and eases installation.
  • 3. Xponential Flanged Duct ® for powerful, undistorted output; perfect for the long excursion subwoofer used.
  • 4. Molded composite grille offers total speaker protection and great cosmetic appeal.
  • 5. Proprietary connection terminals provide the outmost in functionality and safety.
  • 6. Ergonomic anti-slip rubber handles aid in the removal of the enclosure.
  • 7. Enclosure and speakers redesigned and optimized in terms of performance, providing higher dynamics within the low frequency range and minimising size requirements.

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