Hertz SX 250D

  • Hertz SX 250D

  • 1. High magnetic permeability plates provide constant, even flux.
  • 2. Large double magnet, for perfect control under high power, very high excursion conditions for high SPL performance.
  • 3. Four-layer aluminium voice coil; for unheard-of thermal capability.
  • 4. Back plate venting holes, for optimal thermal dissipation.
  • 5. Back vented spider support; for perfect symmetry under high excursion while providing increased thermal dissipation.
  • 6. High-current, screw terminals , for large gauge wires.
  • 7. Tinsel lead wires are integrated in the spider; for maximum reliability and conductivity.
  • 8. Double wide-wave, resin-bonded fibre spider; for consistent parameters and reliability.
  • 9. High density foam surround; for linear movement, even under extreme excursion.
  • 10. Water-repellent, pressed paper cone.
  • 11. Aluminium ring within the pole piece reduces impedance modulation at high excursion.

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