Hertz HCP 1D

  • Hertz HCP 1D

1. Compact design built from an extruded aluminum heatsink with the top side ensuring effective transfer of the heat generated by the power electronic components.
2. Special balanced input circuitry to reject electro-magnetic disturbances present on the Pre-In or Speaker-In inputs.
3. Input featuring both Speaker-In (OEM radio) and RCA-In (Aftermarket radio) inputs.
4. Selectable ART, Automatic Remote Turn-On/Off function, automatically turns on and off the amplifier when the OEM radio turns on and off (available on Speaker-In only).
5. Power supply stage featuring multiple winding transformer, Low-ESR 105°C capacitors, D-Class 2 Ω stable.
6. Pre-out, also available when using Speaker level inputs, with continuously adjustable (50 to 250 Hz) Hi-Pass filter. Allows to create a Band-Pass filter with the front woofer amplifier to eliminate sub frequencies.
7. Selectable full range power output, for dual-mono powerful audio systems.
8. Bass Boost (50 Hz) adjustable to 12 dB, to increase the subwoofer punch.
9. 24 dB continuously adjustable (50 to 250 Hz) Lo-Pass filter.
10. SUBSONIC filter (24 dB – 25 Hz), removes very low subsonic frequencies from music signal to avoid damages to the subwoofer.
11. Continuously adjustable PHASE control (0 to 180°); it increases bass alignment of woofer with sub.
12. Optional Remote Volume Control (HRC); allows the user to adjust subwoofer level from dashboard

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