Hertz HP 3001

  • Hertz HP 3001
  • Hertz HP 3001
  • Hertz HP 3001

1. In order to deliver such extraordinarily high power, the power supply stage features 5 toroidal transformers, 10 - 2200 uF 105° Low ESR primary capacitors for a total of 22000uF, 10 - 130A TO247 Mosfets and 8 - 1000uF secondary capacitors capable of 160V.
2. The D-Class output stage features 8 - 240A/300V impulsive current Mosfets: robust power and thermal dissipation without compromise.
3. Inputs and outputs to cascade-connect a second amplifier, for high power SPL levels.
4. By-passable Lo-Pass filter, providing full system design flexibility with external processors.
5. Subsonic filter (24 dB – 25 Hz), removes very low subsonic frequencies from music signal to avoid damages to the subwoofer.
6. Continuously adjustable Phase control (0 to 180°); it increases bass alignment of woofer with sub.
7. Included Remote Volume Control (HRC); allows the user to adjust subwoofer level from dashboard.

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