Hertz HCP 1 DK

  • Hertz HCP 1 DK

1. Compact design built from extruded aluminum heatsink with the top side ensuring effective transfer of the heat generated by the power electronic components.

2. Special balanced high-noise rejection input circuitry on the Pre-In or Speaker-In inputs.

3. Speaker-In (for OEM head units) and RCA-In (for Aftermarket head units) inputs.

4. Selectable ART, Automatic Remote Turn-On/Off function, automatically turns on and off the amplifier when the OEM radio turns on and off (can be enabled/disabled, with only Speaker-In inputs).

5. Power supply featuring multiple winding transformer, Low-ESR 105°C capacitors, D-Class 2 Ω stable output stage.

6. Pre-outs, also available when using Speaker-In level inputs, equipped with Hi-Pass filter with adjustable 12 dB/Oct. slope with continuity between 50 and 250 Hz, providing the ability to create Front + Sub multi-amplification active systems.

7. Adjustable Bass Boost (50 Hz) with continuity between 0 dB and 6 dB, for more punch from the subwoofer.

8. Full-range and Lo-Pass crossover filters with 24 dB/Oct. slope and variable frequency (50 Hz - 250 Hz), both selectable, with a greater application versatility for the design of active systems.

9. SUBSONIC filter (24 dB – 25 Hz), removes very low subsonic frequencies from music signal to prevent damage to the subwoofer.

10. Continuously adjustable PHASE control (0 to 180°); it optimizes alignment of woofer bass frequencies with sub ones.

11. Optional Remote Volume Control (HRC); providing the ability to adjust subwoofer volume level from the dashboard.

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